Wideband Transponder




To receive DATV on the wideband transponder on the QO-100 you need at minimum the following items:

Satellite Dish

You will need a 80cm or bigger dish to receive DATV,
Consider going bigger if you want to eventually transmit
on the wideband transponder.


A standard PLL LNB will do the job, it doesn’t need to
be GPS disciplined.


This small circuit powers the LNB. Usually 12v for vertical
polarization and 18v for Horizontal polarization. You can
also power it with 12v and just turn your lnb sideways.


Easy to build kit from BATC. Connects to your pc and using
the Minitioune software decodes and displays any received
DATV transmissions.

Software Demodulator

A software alternative to MiniTiouner is available here
Your mileage may vary