Narrowband Transponder




Hardware Options

Satellite Dish

Recommended to start with atleast an 80cm dish,
go for bigger if you plan to use the wideband
transponder in the future.


You want a PLL based LNB
(In South Africa a newer model lnb used for DSTV
works just fine to start with)


This provides power to your LNB
(Different voltages can switch the polarization)

SDR or DownConverter + Radio

Your receiving side can be as simple as a rtlsdr,
but consider getting an sdr with transmit capabilities
(For Example: PlutoSDR).
A downconverter + Radio can also be used.


Hardware Options

The table below assumes you have all the receiving hardware and only want to add to it to start transmitting.

SDR or UpConverter + Radio

SDR must have transmit capabilities
An upconverter + Radio can also be used.

Pre Amplifier

Most SDR’s have a very low power output
Depending on your amplifier you might
need a pre-amplifier


1w-5w depending on your dish size.
3w on 80cm dish works perfectly


Poty or Helical
Lots of DIY options eg. Ice Cone feed